An Ode To Imperfection


An ode to imperfection is an immersive work, which explores the idea of having a body that doesn’t function properly. During the pandemic - a time of global bodily panic, my own body became unable to function due to a neurological issue, that made it impossible for me carry on as before. As an artist, I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of perfection, and so in turn became repulsed at the imperfect nature of my bodily functions at the time. As a way of transcending these feelings, and allowing myself to come to terms with my disability - I felt showing my body as a piece of art, was imperative. The body is placed on a higher platform and the room is designed to feel like a place of worship, a place where I am laying to rest my apprehensions and preconceived idea’s on able-bodiedness, and celebrating the beauty of my existence. The body is surrounded by living flowers which signal growth and on the wall is a text piece I wrote during my time of rediscovering my abilities. It’s a conversational piece between me and my body. The room is painted in Yves Klein blue, as a signal to him and his celebration of bodies with this colour. The whole space is curated to transcend reality and give people a moment to escape and consider themselves and how powerful and exciting merely existing in any capacity can be.